Closed-loop elbow joint control using FES

This is the accompanying video for the paper "Closed-loop elbow joint control using FES" presented at the XI Brazilian Symposium of Intelligent Automation (SBAI). In the paper, we have evaluated PID controllers and antagonist muscles stimulation to control elbow position.

Flexible needle steering using discrete steps

This is the video accompanying the paper entitled "On the Use of Discrete Steps in Robot-aided Flexible Needle Insertion" (EMBC 2013).


Real-time feedback using Kinect

This video was recently presented by Roberto Baptista in ICRA 2013 in a workshop on Computational Techniques in Natural Motion Analysis and Reconstruction. The video demonstrates a simple methodology to facilitate learning of specialized movements using Kinect to provide real-time feedback.

Webcam as input for virtual keyboard

This video by Carlos Gonçalves demonstrates the operation of a virtual keyboard using a regular webcam and readings of the user's head movement. The idea is to design an input system for people with impairments that cannot use conventional mouse or keyboard. Following developments include more robust techniques to detect command gestures.

Robot teleoperation using Kinect

This is the video accompanying the paper entitled "Manipulator control based on the dual quaternion framework for intuitive teleoperation using Kinect" (LARS/SBR 2012). In the paper, Kinect is used to enable robot teleoperation. Since only hand position measurements are available, the operator's left hand is used to set the robot operation mode. Current works involve integrating wireless motion sensors to enable obtaining hand orientation as well.