Awards 2018

I am very happy to congratulate both Lucas O. Fonseca, Ana Claudia G. Lopes and all the team for the recent awards! Lucas, first author of Investigating Upper Limb Movement Classification on Users with Tetraplegia as a Possible Neuroprosthesis Interface (EMBC 2018), was an IEEE EMBC 2018 Student Paper Competition finalist. Ana Claudia, first author of Quadriceps electrical stimulation to assist sitting pivot transfers by person with paraplegia (IFESS 2018), was awarded the 2nd place at the student paper competition at IFESS 2018 (Vodovnik Award). Parabéns!

lucas embc2018 premio ana claudia ifess2018

Cybathlon 2016

The first Cybathlon competition took place in Zurich, Switzerland, in October 8th 2016. It was an amazing experience for all athletes, developers, and public. Our pilot, Estevão Lopes, pictured in the photo below, finished 8th in the overall competition. Thank you for inspiring dedication, Estevão! And thanks for all our supporters!


EMA in Rio

Team EMA has been in Rio to take part at Cybathlon@House of Switzerland Brazil 2016. It was a wonderful opportunity to show our technology for paralympic athletes and present it to the media, e.g.:

The video below is from our first press conference!

Rio 2016 Paralympics

I had the honor to take part in the Paralympic torch relay in Brasília yesterday. I was the last runner, responsible for lighting up the cauldron before the flame was virtually sent to Rio de Janeiro. Brazilian media has reported the event both in video and text. Thanks a lot to the organizers and Wilson Dias (Agência Brasil) for the beautiful picture below. And good luck to all athletes who will compete in Rio!

For those attending the games, don't miss the opportunity to meet us at Cybathlon@House of Switzerland Brazil 2016.

pira low

CLARA robotic endoscope holder

Project CLARA has demonstrated recently the full capabilities of its robotic endoscope holder prototype. In this report by UnBTV, Mariana Bernardes explains the most important features of the device. Next steps include manufacturing and testing the new functional prototype.

UnBeatables goes to Robocup 2016

For the third consecutive time, UnBeatables has won the MVP award at the Drop-in Only category at Robocup SPL. The competition has taken place in Leipzig, Germany. Congratulations to all the team!

EMA trike in the news

Project EMA is now in its final stages before the Cybathlon FES bike race. Follow our latest news in our Facebook page. We also have an active crowdfunding campaign at Catarse. Thanks for your support!


Freewheels visits EMA for collaborative work

We are very proud to host our colleagues from Freewheels (INRIA, France) for a few days of collaborative work within project CACAO. Both teams will compete at the FES bike race at Cybathlon in October 2016. The video below shows the first meeting between the pilots from both teams.

EMA training session at CETEFE

UnBTV has visited Project EMA at one of our training sessions at CETEFE. In the video below, Lucas Fonseca describes the applied technology, while Ulisses de Araújo, Emerson Martins and Juliana Araújo detail the training protocol and the potential benefits for the user.

UnBeatables wins MVP at Robocup 2015

Competing at the Drop-in Only category at Robocup 2015 SPL, UnBeatables was given the MVP award. We would like to thank all our supporters, particularly Finatec, as well as all our friends in Hefei, China. Local media have reported the history, both before and after our trip.


Human-centered robotics at Campus Party Brasil 2012

Campus Party Brasil 2012 was a great event devoted to technology and internet with more than 7000 enthusiasts camping in São Paulo. I had the opportunity to give a talk about human-centered robotics. Below are the slides presented on the occasion.

Human-Robot Interaction in the news

Our work on human-robot interaction presented on IROS 2011 was depicted in the online version of IEEE Spectrum and in the Brazilian newspaper Estado de São Paulo. It was a collaborative work between Bruno V. Adorno, Philippe Fraisse, and myself. Below you may access both articles.

ieeespectrum estadao