In my research, the main goal is to develop technologies for rehabilitation and assistance of those with motor impairments. In the projects, technologies such as electrical stimulation is used to affect human movement and modulate neural circuits. In particular, my work is concentrated in developing the algorithms that will optimize the performance of such systems, which thus require application of control techniques, but also the use of estimation and classification algorithms for processing sensor data in real-time.

While my research activities are mainly conducted at the Laboratory of Automation and Robotics (
LARA), I work in close collaboration with clinical partners based in Brasília, mainly faculty attached to the UnB Faculty of Ceilândia (FCE). I do also work in collaboration with other researchers in biomedical engineering and robotics from UnB and other institutions.

Here you will find information on the
projects I am involved in, publications, current and past students, as well as my scientific collaborators. You may also check my Lattes CV or my Google Scholar page.

The research activities featured here are funded by different Brazilian agencies, such as: