Prof. João Luiz Carvalho - Unpublished Work

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

  • Compressed sensing FVE (2006): reconstruction of randomly undersampled Fourier velocity encoding data. [class project]
  • Non-Cartesian reconstruction (2004): evaluation of the EPL and GFFT algorithms for direct reconstruction of non-Cartesian k-space data. [class project] [slides]

Audio and Speech

  • Live multi-track audio recording (2007): system inversion method that implements room equalization and crosstalk cancellation. [class project] [slides]
  • Codificação de voz em telefonia celular (voice coding schemes for cellular telephony) (2000): a tutorial review on LPC-based vocoders, specially those used in cell phone systems: ACELP, VSELP, QCELP and RPE-LTP (in Portuguese, with Danilo Dias). [class project] [slides]

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