Prof. João Luiz Carvalho - Software and Hardware

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

  • Kv-Focusing: MATLAB code for reconstruction of variable-density Fourier velocity encoding (FVE) data. Last updated on Mar. 2012. [download] [paper] [poster

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and Electrocardiography (ECG)

  • DFA (2008): ECGLab module for detrended fluctuation analysis (DFA) of heart rate variability. [available upon request] [paper]
  • atfAR (2003): HRV time-frequency analysis module for ECGLab, using Fourier spectrogram, auto-regressive spectrogram, and Wavelet spectrogram. [available upon request] [paper] [slides] [manual]
  • ECGLab (2002): MATLAB tool for analysis of heart rate variability. Includes ECG filtering, QRS detection, temporal analysis, spectral analysis, Poincaré analysis, and sequential trend analysis. Last updated on Feb. 2009. [available upon request] [paper] [slides] [manual]
  • ECGConvert (2002): MATLAB GUI for viewing ECG signals from Physionet's database and exporting them to MATLAB and ECGLab. Last updated on Oct. 2008. [download]
  • ECGCapt (2001): electrocardiographic signal acquisition system, including isolated amplification hardware and ECG monitoring and recording software. [schematics]

Digital Communications (commercial products)

  • Secure communication module (2003): cryptographic module for secure voice and data communication over analog phone lines using a TMS320C5402 DSP-based hardware platform. [specs 1] [specs 2]
  • V22/V22bis modem library (2002): Texas Instruments XDAIS compliant V22/V22bis modem software library for the '54x DSP series using Code Composer Studio environment. [specs]

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