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Prof. Adolfo Bauchspiess

Control and Automation - Electrical Engineering

Lab. de Automação e Robótica
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Adolfo Bauchspiess graduated and got a master's degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Brasília (UnB)-Brazil (1986, 1990) and a Dr.-Ing. in Electrical Engineering from the Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg/Germany (1995). He spent a sabbatical year at the Universität Kaiserslautern/Germany (2005-2006) and six months in 2014 at the University of California, Santa Barbara/USA. He is currently Associate Professor at the Electrical Engineering Department at the University of Brasília and member of the LARA - Automation and Robotics Laboratory/UnB. He was the general coordinator of IX SBAI - Brazilian Symposium on Intelligent Automation, held in Brasilia in 2009. His main expertise is intelligent systems, energy saving in building automation, identification of dynamic systems, and computer vision.
Address: ENE/FT/UnB Sala B1-34/18, 70919-970 Brasília-DF, Brazil
Phone:+55 61 3107 5571

EngMecatrônicaCoordenação Eng. Mecatrônica UnB (Junho 2015 - Maio 2017)
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