FES control

Human-Robot Interaction in the news

Our work on human-robot interaction presented on IROS 2011 was depicted in the online version of IEEE Spectrum and in the Brazilian newspaper Estado de São Paulo. It was a collaborative work between Bruno V. Adorno, Philippe Fraisse, and myself. Below you may access both articles.

ieeespectrum estadao

Using FES to control joint dynamics: system identification

In this demo we show an experiment to estimate both passive and active parameters of the wrist joint controlled by surface electrical stimulation.

Tremor compensation using FES: co-contraction to increase joint stability

Demo of a tremor compensation system using electrical stimulation. Based on information from portable sensors, the controller applies higher currents for stronger tremors. Tremor is induced with an auxiliary stimulator.

Closed-loop elbow joint control using FES

This is the accompanying video for the paper "Closed-loop elbow joint control using FES" presented at the XI Brazilian Symposium of Intelligent Automation (SBAI). In the paper, we have evaluated PID controllers and antagonist muscles stimulation to control elbow position.