Team EMA at TEDx Brasília

The goals and achievements in our Project EMA were shared globally in the first TEDx Brasília. Me and Estevão Lopes, our pilot in Cybathlon 2016, have been invited to talk about Energy, Muscle, and Self-esteem. We would like to thank the organizers to arrange such an unforgettable experience.

Joint motion estimation with inertial sensors and its integration with Kinect

This video illustrates first trials which explored the combined use of inertial sensors and Kinect to estimate joint motion for rehabilitation applications. This integration has indeed a great potential due to the complimentary roles both sensing systems feature. In this particular video, accelerometers and gyrometers are used to estimate joint angle, while the Kinect is used for initializing the inertial system and for enabling 3D visualization of the performed task.

Closed-loop elbow joint control using FES

This is the accompanying video for the paper "Closed-loop elbow joint control using FES" presented at the XI Brazilian Symposium of Intelligent Automation (SBAI). In the paper, we have evaluated PID controllers and antagonist muscles stimulation to control elbow position.